Reverse Logistics

Arrow provides expertise to manage the flow of materials through the reverse supply chain with solutions focused on inventory control, service spares management techniques, product returns management and remarketing. Learn how Arrow can safely drive efficiencies in your reverse logistics operations.

Product Returns Management

Arrow supports customers by proactively managing your reverse supply chain, streamlining the product returns process to minimize operational overhead and inefficiencies through Resolve, an Arrow-owned company.

Spare Parts Management

Arrow manages customers’ spare parts programs to reduce a technology-driven organization’s inventory and costs while improving service levels to your internal and external partners through Resolve, an Arrow-owned company.

Surplus Inventory Management

Through the online store offered by Verical, an Arrow-owned company, options can quickly turn surplus components and finished systems into recovered value.


Arrow helps generate revenue from your product returns once returned materials have passed inspection through Resolve, an Arrow-owned company.


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