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Texas Instruments / BIRICHA Power Factor Correction Design Workshop

Speaker: Dr Ali Shirsavar

Learn how to design power factor correction systems from ground up quickly and easily with this in-depth design workshop from Texas Instruments and Biricha Digital.

Starting from basic principles taught during the workshop, you will first design and stabilise an analog PFC circuit and experimentally verify its performance in our well equipped lab. We will then cover all necessary material needed to convert our analog PFC circuit into the digital domain. Finally, you will implement your digital PFC design in our lab and test its performance.

By the end of the workshop all attendees will have designed an analog PFC stage (single stage CCM Boost) and designed and coded two digital PFC stages (single stage and interleaved CCM Boost).

Key points:

  • Comprehensive analog and digital PFC design
  • Stable control loop design in both analog and digital domains
  • Includes numerous hands-on labs using both analog and digital PFC EVMs
  • Aimed at analog power supply designers and embedded systems engineers
  • Automated design tools and digital power libraries included in price
  • No previous programming knowledge is assumed
  • Commercial licenses for all necessary software included in the price to get you started

The participants will typically work in pairs at a workstation. Each workstation will be equipped with a PC with relevant development software, Analog and Digital EVMs, C2000 processor card and emulation tools, oscilloscope and power meter.

As part of the fee all attendees will receive over $2000 worth of engineering software for free!

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Location: Herlev, Denmark
Date: 12.03.2013 (09:00) - 14.03.2013 (17:30)


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