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16.11.2015 - Aavid: High Conductivity Thermal GAP Filling Pads

Aavid Thermal

These unique gap filling pads utilize a proprietary fiber orientation technology to produce highly thermally conductive materials. Our Aavid SuperThermal line of TIMs delivers the high conductivity of carbon fiber without sacrificing the flexibility and adhesion capabilities of a polymer.


16.11.2015 - Analog Devices: Amplifiers ADA4084-1/ADA4084-2/ADA4084-4

Analog Devices Amplifiers

30 V, Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail Input / Output, Low Power Operational Amplifiers


16.11.2015 - Bourns: Bourns® magnetic products

Bourns magnetic products

Bourns® provides a broad array of magnetic components and solutions to meet a variety of application needs.


16.11.2015 - Crydom: The new NOVA22 SOLID STATE RELAYS combines Power and Versatility

Crydom NOVA22

The Crydom NOVA22 series are 22.5 mm DIN rail and panel mount solid state relays with greater power density (up to 95 Amps) and more connection options than any other comparable Solid State Relay on the market.


16.11.2015 - FCI: PwrMAX® Ortho Power Connectors

FCI PwrMAX Connectors

The PwrMAX® Ortho Power Connector offers a compact instrument for connecting up to 100 A DC power in a pcb edge-to-pcb edge application. The blind mate connector offers low resistance to satisfy modern orthogonal systems architectures.


16.11.2015 - Infineon: 40 V and 60 V StrongIRFET™

International Rectifier StrongIRFET

Infineon introduces an extension of the successful StrongIRFET™ family. The Logic Level gate drive allows driving MOSFETs with VGS of only 4.5 V. This is ideal in applications where standard gate drive is not available, e.g. brushed motor drives, BLDC motor drives and battery powered circuits.


16.11.2015 - Kemet: Check out Kemet´s Supercapacitors (ELDC) to back up your circuit!

Kemet SuperCap

The Kemet Small Cell Supercapacitors (ELDCs) improve battery performance when combined in hybrid power sources and provide an efficient and long lasting way of energy storage when used as stand-alone version.


16.11.2015 - TE Connectivity: VAL-U-LOK Connector Series

TE Connectivity VAL-U-LOK

TE Connectivity’s (TE) VAL-U-LOK product line expanded with a new design accommodating Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) accessories, helping guarantee a higher quality connection.


16.11.2015 - Texas Instruments: LMK03328 Ultra-Low Jitter Clock Generator Family + Two Independent PLL

Texas Instruments LMK03328

Texas Instruments introduces ultra-low-jitter clock generators to enable more reliable telecommunications infrastructure equipment


09.11.2015 - Avago: Avago Sensor Transceiver AFBR-S10TR001Z

Avago Sensor Transceiver AFBR-S10TR001Z

An Analog Fiber Optic Transceiver for Arc Flash Detection in Electrical Power Grids and Other Optical Sensing Applications

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