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26.08.2014 - Analog Devices: 16-Bit, Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulator - AD7403


The AD7403 is a high performance, second-order, Σ-Δ modulator that converts an analog input signal into a high speed, single-bit data stream, with on-chip digital isolation based on Analog Devices, Inc., iCoupler® technology.

New Products, Automotive & Transportation, Building Automation, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Industrial Automation, Networking & Communication, Renewable Energy, Security & Access Control, Smart Energy, Amplifiers, Controller, Data Acquisition, Motors, Solars, Power Management, Analog Devices

26.08.2014 - Infineon: 100 V OptiMOS™ Worlds Lowest On State Resistance

100 V OptiMOS™: Highest Power Density and System Efficiency

New Products, Building Automation, Networking & Communication, Smart Energy, White Goods, Power Management, Infineon

26.08.2014 - Linear Technology: Quad 12-/10-/8-Bit PWM to VOUT DACs with 10 ppm/°C Reference - LTC2645


The LTC2645 provides a simple bolt-on solution to accurately set and adjust four voltages without a single line of code required. Offered in a small 16-lead MSOP package, the LTC2645 is ideal for biasing, calibration, level setting, power supply adjustment, and to enable opto-isolated communication.

New Products, Automotive & Transportation, Building Automation, Industrial Automation, Data Acquisition, Linear Technology

26.08.2014 - Molex: CLIK-Mate™ 1.50 mm Pitch Single and Dual Row Wire-to-Board System

CLIK-Mate™ 1.5

CLIK-Mate™ 1.5 wire-to-board system offers a wide variety of mechanical and electrical options along with robust features and a positive lock to meet both signal and power needs including the new bottom entry PCB receptacles.

New Products, Automotive & Transportation, Industrial Automation, Medical & Healthcare, Multimedia, Point of Sales, Security & Access Control, Smart Energy, White Goods, Connector, Molex

26.08.2014 - NXP: Complete Passive Solution for NFC Interaction with Electronic Devices


NFC for embedded applications. Your critical link for the Internet of Things.

New Products, NXP Semiconductors, Communication, White Goods, Smart Energy, Security & Access Control, Point of Sales, Networking & Communication, Medical & Healthcare, Industrial Automation, Building Automation

26.08.2014 - Omron: 2SMPB - Omron's new absolute pressure sensor


A new highly accurate absolute pressure sensor from Omron Electronic Components Europe can detect height differences of as little as 50 cm. Based on Omron's MEMS technology, the tiny sensor module can measure altitude, atmospheric pressure or water depth.

New Products, Automotive & Transportation, Building Automation, Industrial Automation, Medical & Healthcare, Security & Access Control, Sensors, Omron

26.08.2014 - TE Connectivity: New Low Profile SMT Releasable Poke-In Wire Connectors for Lighting

Poke-In Wire Connectors

TE Connectivity’s low profile, SMT releasable poke-in wire connector accommodates multiple design requirements with 1, 2 & 3 position connector configurations.

New Products, Building Automation, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Lighting & Signage, Security & Access Control, Connector, Optoelectronics and Lighting, TE Connectivity

26.08.2014 - Texas Instruments: Full IEEE802.3at Compliant PSE solution


The TPS23861 is a high-performance, easy-to-use, IEEE802.3at PSE controller that automatically manages four 802.3at ports without the need of any external control.

New Products, Building Automation, Security & Access Control, Display, Power Management, Texas Instruments

11.08.2014 - Analog Devices: BeScope - AD9286 ADC Development Board 250 MSPS Graphical User Interface

Analog Devices BeScope

The BeScope is a dual channel analog oscilloscope system, including passive scope probe, and graphical user interface.

New Products, Analog Devices, Kits and Tools, Data Acquisition, Networking & Communication, Industrial Automation

08.08.2014 - Analog Devices: 16-Bit Precision, Low Power Meter on a Chip with Cortex-M3 - ADuCM350


The ADuCM350 is a complete, coin cell powered, high precision, meter-on-chip for portable device applications such as point-of-care diagnostics and body-worn devices for monitoring vital signs.

New Products, Analog Devices, Power Management, Memory, Drivers and Interface, Data Acquisition, Smart Energy, Security & Access Control, Point of Sales, Networking & Communication, Medical & Healthcare, Industrial Automation, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Building Automation
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