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23.02.2015 - Infineon: Kelvin Emitter Package with TRENCHSTOP™ 5 Discrete IGBTs

Infineon TO 247

"Increase the efficiency. Increase power density. Reduce cost." – Sounds familiar? Here TRENCHSTOP™ Discrete IGBT technology combined with the new TO-247 4pin Kelvin Emitter package comes in. It provides 20 % reduction in lead inductance and 20 % lower switching losses under full load conditions.


23.02.2015 - Linear Technology: Multi-Sensor High Accuracy Digital Temperature Measurement System


LTC2983 high performance digital temperature measurement IC which directly digitizes RTDs, thermocouples, thermistors and external diodes with 0.1 °C accuracy and 0.001 °C resolution. Come and see it demonstrated on the Arrow stand at Embedded World:


23.02.2015 - Molex: Pico-Lock™ SMT Wire-to-Board System with Positive Side Locks

Molex Pico-Lock

Available in both 1.00 and 1.50 mm pitch versions, the Pico-Lock™ wire-to-board system offers an ideal combination of low profile, high current and durable locking for any application requiring space savings and secure mating retention.


23.02.2015 - Texas Instruments: TPS65218 Power Management IC (PMIC) for ARM Cortex-A8/A9 SoCs and FPGA

TI TPS 65218

Programmable Wide Input Voltage Power Management IC (PMIC).


09.02.2015 - Molex: Eurostyle™ Terminal Blocks

Molex Eurostyle Terminal Blocks

EuroStyle™ fixed-mount and pluggable terminal blocks offer the most complete lineup of high-power, high-density, customizable terminal blocks available with current ratings up to 115.0 A.


09.02.2015 - TE Connectivity: TE Connectivity introduces Micro-MaTch Value-line connectors

TE Connectivity Value Line Micro MaTch

TE Connectivity introduces the new Micro-MaTch Value-line connectors, including new parts that enhance the well-established Micro-MaTch family of products.


09.02.2015 - Texas Instruments: ISO7342C Robust EMC, Low Power, Quad-Channel 2/2 Digital Isolator


Lower Power 3.0 kVrms Quad Channel Digital Isolator


06.02.2015 - Molex: Arrow Increases Molex Inventory To Better Serve European Customers

Power Signal Assys Group

Arrow has made a significant investment in additional inventory accross various product types to make sure its customers have access to the right inventory at the right time. Along with increased stock levels of traditional Molex products Arrow has become the go-to distributor for Molex's NPI's.


01.02.2015 - Intel® Atom™ Processor E3800 Product Family

Intel Atom Processor 3800

The Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 product family is the first system-on-chip (SoC) designed for intelligent systems, delivering outstanding compute, graphical, and media performance while operating in an extended range of thermal conditions. These SoCs are based on the Silvermont microarchitecture, utilizing Intel’s industry-leading 22 nm process technology with 3D tri-gate transistors, which deliver significant improvements in computational performance and energy efficiency over Intel's previous-generation Atom processors.


26.01.2015 - Analog Devices: ADA4805 0.2 µV/°C, 105 MHz ADC Driver for 12, 14, 16-Bit ADCs

ADA 4805

The ADA4805-1/ADA4805-2 are high speed voltage feedback, rail-to-rail output amplifiers with an exceptionally low quiescent current of 500 µA, making them ideal for low power, high resolution data conversion systems.

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