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24.08.2015 - International Rectifier: Infineon & IR – A Powerful Combination

International Rectifier + Infineon

Infineon's semiconductors and control architecture are designed in a unique way to bring more efficiency, power density and cost effectiveness to your products. Our whole range of OptiMOS™ and StrongIRFET™ N-Channel Industrial Power MOSFETs enable innovation and performance in your application.


24.08.2015 - Linear Technology: LT4276 - LTPoE++/PoE+/PoE PD Forward/Flyback Controller

Linear Techology LT4276

The LT®4276 is a pin-for-pin compatible family of IEEE 802.3 and LTPoE++ Powered Device (PD) controllers. It includes an isolated switching regulator controller capable of synchronous operation in both forward and flyback topologies with auxiliary power support.


24.08.2015 - Molex: DDR4 DIMM Sockets, Halogen-free

Molex DDR4 DIMM Sockets

Angled, Ultra Low-profile, Aerodynamic and Standard DDR4 DIMM sockets combine excellent performance with maximum space-savings and assembly processing for high-speed data and networking applications.


24.08.2015 - TE Connectivity: The Economy Power (EP) 2.5 connector system

TE Connectivity Connector System

Discover new opportunities with TE Connectivity’s (TE) the Economy Power (EP) 2.5 connector system designed to deliver power to a board when space is at a premium.


24.08.2015 - Texas Instruments: ADS126x 32-Bit, Precision, 38-kSPS, Analog-to-Digital Converter

Texas Instruments Analog-to-Digital Converter

Have you seen TI's new ADS1262 which has High Resolution, Low Noise, 32-bit, 38kSPS ADC with PGA and Internal Reference?


17.08.2015 - Texas Instruments: Get there first. Or Others will. Check out our Industrial TI Designs!

Texas Instruments Designs

Jump start system design and speed up time to market!


10.08.2015 - Linear Technology: LTM4622 Dual Ultrathin 2.5 A Step-Down DC/DC µModule Regulator

Linear Technology 4622

The LTM4622, a dual 2.5 A or single 5 A stepdown μModule (micromodule) regulator in a small and ultrathin package. Only three capacitors and two resistors are required, and the solution occupies less than 1 cm² single sided or 0.5 cm² on a doublesided PCB. Housed in a 6.25 mm x 6.25 mm x 1.82 mm LGA package.


10.08.2015 - Molex: CP-6.5 Wire-to-Board Connectors

Molex CP 6.5 Wire-to-Board-Connectors

Leveraging full keying and color-pairing features, foolproof CP-6.5 wire-to-board connectors enhance user-safety while speeding up consumer and industrial interconnect assembly applications.


10.08.2015 - TE Connectivity: Introducing the new BCF series power line filters with threaded stud


TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the new BCF series power line filters with threaded stud terminals. Previously available in terminal block terminations only, the new low-weight BCF series is a 3-phase Delta EMI filter with threaded terminals for easy termination to cables with ring terminals.


10.08.2015 - Texas Instruments: LMH1218 Low Power Ultra HD Cable Driver with Integrated Reclocker

Texas Instruments LMH1218

Check out the newest Low Power Ultra HD Cable Driver with Integrated Reclocker. Start your design today!

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