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18.05.2015 - Fairchild: Smart Power Stage (SPS) Modules with 1.5 MHz and 35 and 50 A

Fairchild FDMF 3035 3037

The SPS family is Fairchild’s next-generation, fully optimized, ultra-compact, integrated MOSFET plus driver power stage solution for high-current, high-frequency, synchronous buck and DC-DC applications.


18.05.2015 - Honeywell: 0.5 W Conductive Plastic Potentiometers

Honeywell Potentiometers

Potentiometers convert rotary motion into a change of resistance, supplying a smooth transition of voltage or current levels. The resulting voltage output may be used to control position transducers in a wide variety of potential applications.


18.05.2015 - Linear Technology: LTC3892 60 V Low IQ, Dual, 2-Phase Synchronous Step-Down DC Controller

Linear Technology 3892-1

The LTC3892 is a high voltage dual output synchronous stepdown DC/DC controller that draws only 29 μA when one output is active and 34 μA when both outputs are enabled.


18.05.2015 - Molex: SIM Card Connectors, Block-style and Halogen-free

Molex Block SIM Connectors

Wide range of profile heights of block-style SIM card connectors and high contact normal force offer superb mobile device interconnect usability and reliability.


18.05.2015 - TE Connectivity: STRADA Whisper Backplane Connector


TE Connectivity’s (TE) STRADA Whisper backplane family is designed for high-performing, high-bandwidth systems. Its revolutionary design transfers data at superior speeds of 25 Gbps and offers unparalleled scalability up to 56 Gbps, allowing efficient future system upgrades without costly redesigns.


18.05.2015 - Texas Instruments: Start your design today with the TDC7200 for water, gas & heat flow


Time-to-digital converter for water, gas, heat flow metering applications.


13.05.2015 - Analog Devices: AD5592R configurable, 12-bit ADC/DAC with on-chip reference and 8 channels

Analog Devices AD5592R

The AD5592R and the AD5592R-1 have eight I/Ox pins (I/O0 to I/O7) that can be independently configured as digital-to-analog converter (DAC) outputs, analog-to-digital converter (ADC) inputs, digital outputs, or digital inputs.


04.05.2015 - Analog Devices: ADA4177-2 OVP and EMI Protected, Precision, Low Noise and Bias Current


The inputs of the ADA4177-2 and ADA4177-4 set a new standard in precision amplifier robustness, providing input protection against signal excursions 32 V beyond either supply, as well as 70 dB of rejection for electromagnetic interference (EMI) at 1000 MHz.


04.05.2015 - Atmel: The Next Small Thing is here - Atmel│SMART SAM D10 and SAM D11


A rich set of peripherals, flexibility and ease-of-use combined with low power consumption in a small package make the Atmel SAM D10 and SAM D11 ARM Cortex-M0+ based microcontroller series ideal for a wide range of home automation, consumer, metering and industrial applications.


04.05.2015 - Avago: Showcase New Industrial Fibre and Optocoupler Products at PCIM


Talk to the Avago product experts and learn about Avago´s latest products at PCIM in Nuremberg from 19th to 21st May, Booth No. 6-206

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