Smart Energy

Arrow is launching smart energy system solution modules, which support both the transmission of measurement data to electricity suppliers and end consumer, and intelligent networking within the household. Together with the partner companies emlix and Kellendonk, Arrow developed both functions within the framework of its Embedded Platform Concept (EPC). The central requirement of smart energy solutions is the intelligent transmission of encoded consumer data and tariff information at short intervals to measurement service providers and end consumers in order to enable variable electricity consumption depending on price model and network utilisation. Furthermore, the manufacturer-independent EPC platform creates flexible and future-orientated standards for interlinking of all types of end devices into an intelligent electricity network in the future.

Smart energy gateway: inward and outward communication

With its EPC reference platform, Arrow offers a basis for the development of a gateway for meter connection. With the help of EPC, the Embedded Linux service provider emlix collaborated with other market participants from the areas of meter development, billing and added value services and home automation to create basic software. The gateway is equipped with a tariff function, which enables the end consumer to adapt his/her electricity consumption to the prices offered by the provider.

The aim of this collaborative project was to structure the gateway in order to ensure that all required functions can be mapped flexibly via the gateway, such as the management of various connections, support of meters from different manufacturers and diverse transmission protocols, transmission safety and the transfer of data to home automation applications. The EPC basic system, which will be equipped with suitable components from market-leading manufacturers on Arrow’s line card, can also be extended with further boards for any required smart energy gateway function. The flexibility was given particular prominence concerning scalability, given that smart energy is still in its initial phases, and legal regulations and new technologies could cause further changes to the solution.

Intelligent electricity network in the household

Alongside the smart energy gateway, Arrow uses the EPC to support intelligent consumption control in the household. Especially for this purpose, Arrow teamed up with the development company Kellendork to design the EPC Smart Grid Board. The board enables communication between household appliances and the household central via the EEBus communication standard, which allows a manufacturer-independent network to be established between household end devices. Wired and wireless communication standards are extended with new Smart Grid requirements and are linked via the EEBus.   The system enables control of the household energy consumption in accordance with the electricity capacity available. Therefore, device modules indirectly integrate the end devices in the intelligent electricity network.

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