iXperience M4 Development Kit

Development Kit for the Infineon XMC4000 Cortex M4 Microcontroller

Product Description

Arrow’s iXperience M4 is an easy-to-use development kit designed to showcase the capabilities of Infineon’s XMC4000 ARM® Cortex™-M4 microcontrollers in embedded networking and industrial motor control applications.

The iXperience M4 brings together a hardware platform and a wide variety of software components to provide a plug-and-play system that allows designers and engineers to Xperience the capabilities of the Microcontroller immediately.

The heart of the hardware platform is the Infineon XMC4500 – a high-performance microcontroller which operates at up to 120 MHz, features 1 MB of on-chip Flash and offers a variety of connectivity options including six serial channels, FS OTG USB, an Ethernet MAC, three CAN channels and memory interfaces.

The platform exploits the functionality of this device through an Ethernet PHY, RJ45 and USB connectors, an accelerometer and other sensors, a WiFi module and serial NOR memory, and can be used both Plug and Play as a Web Server as well as a DevKit for Industrial Networking and Motor control applications in conjunction with Infineon’s dedicated boards!

Key Features

  • Transparent plastic case for easy and robust use
  • USB and Ethernet ports
  • WIFI connectivity
  • EDGE connector with Adapter to Infineon Boards
  • Plug and play functionality
  • Compatibility with Infineon’s Toolchain
  • Flexible, rich functionality

Target Markets

  • Renewable Energy
  • Industrial Motor Control
  • Embedded Networking
  • Logistics
  • Factory Automation
  • Building Automation

Software Components

  • TCP/IP stack and Webserver demo
  • USB embedded stack, USB profiles for bootloader functionality
  • RNDIS networking driver
  • Demo web application
  • WLAN module drivers

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