Arrow Electronics launches online FPGA power designer

Arrow Electronics officially launched a cloud-based design platform for North American and European field-programmable gate array power solutions. The Arrow FPGA Power Designer provides a sophisticated design environment for defining and optimizing power supply systems including converter specifications in mere minutes.

“Engineers are now able to accelerate an otherwise time-consuming process for designing and configuring power supply systems,” said David Spragg, vice president of semiconductor engineering for Arrow’s Europe, Middle East and Africa region. “The Arrow FPGA Power Designer eliminates the need for data-sheet research and calculation.”

Arrow FPGA Power Designer leverages fully interactive schematics to design power solutions, allows instant verification of voltages and connections, and generates a complete bill of materials for the design. Engineering teams dispersed across several locations around the globe can effectively share designs based on a collaboration module that stores designs in the cloud. A comprehensive design summary report that captures all design parameters is automatically compiled and available for download. Novice users can rely on default values for the FPGA power tree configuration and converter specification while expert designers can fine-tune their design requirements.

“Arrow FPGA Power Designer features leading FPGA products from Altera Corporation spanning the Stratix, Arria and Cyclone series as well as a wide portfolio of converters from Linear Technology,” said David West, vice president of Arrow’s supplier services group in North America. “This platform, along with the Arrow Lighting Designer for LED design and configuration, aligns with Arrow`s overall lifecycle services strategy to support engineers at every stage in the design process.”


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