BeMicro RTE - Industrial Ethernet Made Easy

BeMicro RTE

BeMicro RTE - A small evaluation platform for Industrial Ethernet slave systems

Industrial Ethernet networks are used not only for plant and factory automation. Since the network components are wide spread, cheap, and highly performant, such networks are use in lots of application areas. Every system empoying a central control unit (master) and several remote sensors and actuators (slaves) is a candidate for a Real Time Ethernet network.

A Complete Real Time Ethernet Evaluation System in the Palm of Your Hands

Featuring an Altera Cyclone® IV FPGA and an on-board USB Blaster, the BeMicro RTE integrates seamlessly into both the Quartus® II FPGA design framework and the NIOS® II GNU-based development environment. In addition to the FPGA, the board contains voltage regulators, memory, a clock generator, user LEDs, plus PHYs and connectors for a Real Time Ethernet daisy chain.

BeMicro RTE

BeMicro RTE Features

  • Altera® Cyclone® IV E FPGA - EP4CE22F17C6N
  • Configuration EEPROM
  • High-speed SRAM 256K*16
  • 2 Ethernet RMII PHY
  • 50 MHz clock oscillator
  • 3 status LEDs
  • 8 user LEDs
  • 2 Ethernet jacks (standard 8P8C)
  • 2 rotary hex switches
  • 80-pin edge connector
  • USB powered

Alternatively, the BeMicro RTE can be operated without a USB connection to the PC. In this specific configuration, the BeMicro is powered from an external 5V supply via the expansion connector.

Documentation and Reference Designs

BeMicro is delivered without any design software and example designs. The documentation, driver, and example designs can be found here. (Please register for a download).

An expansion board is available from Hitex Development Tools.

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