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Light should be regarded as part of our personal ambience, and its uses are just as diverse and individual. Lighting solutions are very complex, and they are critically dependent on factors such as safety, creating an emotional effect and cost effectiveness. Energy savings of 80 per cent are no longer unusual with LED lights, and they should be taken into account in project planning. Our services, which are based on sound technical expertise and many years of experience, include comprehensive support for design activities and lighting system development as well as system integration services.

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LED lighting manufacturers

An overview of the product lines of leading lighting technology manufacturers – our partners. Read more

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LED customers

We offer architects, interior designers, lighting designers, local authorities, purchasers, electrical engineers and electrical contractors information specifically oriented to their professional interests and needs. Read more


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LED applications

Where LEDs are being used nowadays, along with relevant standards and statutory regulations. Read more

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LED product information

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Lighting News & Events


30.11.2015 - ON Semiconductor: NSM4002MR6 - Dual NPN Transistors for Driving LEDs

ON Semiconductor


16.11.2015 - Aavid: High Conductivity Thermal GAP Filling Pads

Aavid Thermal


16.11.2015 - Bourns: Bourns® magnetic products

Bourns magnetic products


16.11.2015 - Crydom: The new NOVA22 SOLID STATE RELAYS combines Power and Versatility

Crydom NOVA22


16.11.2015 - Infineon: 40 V and 60 V StrongIRFET™

International Rectifier StrongIRFET


LED Lighting for you

The LLFY network offers to designers information, support & ideas particularly with LED, Optical, Thermal and Connector solutions to help bring your lighting projects to life. Learn More


LEDAgon Reference System

ARW200 200W Reference Design

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