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Welcome to Arrow EMEA Components

Arrow is a distributor of semiconductors, passive and electromechanical components and embedded solutions. The company is a global supplier of products, services and solutions for industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. It is headquartered in USA.

As a specialised distributor, Arrow is your one-stop shop for everything you need - from individual electronic components to complete technical applications.
The distributor Arrow Electronics has a broad product range and brings together state-of-the-art technologies under one roof.

New Products

20.10.2014 - Littelfuse: Protect Automotive Electronics with Littelfuse Automotive TVS Diodes

Diode Arrays

The designers of automotive electronics face many technical challenges during the system design process, including designing methods of protection... Read more

20.10.2014 - NXP: Complete Passive Solution for NFC Interaction with Electronic Devices

NXP: Complete Passive Solution for NFC Interaction with Electronic Devices

NFC for embedded applications. Your critical link for the Internet of Things. Read more

20.10.2014 - Omron: Efficient High Power DC Switching Relay


To address the growing market for high voltage DC battery powered systems energy applications, Omron Electronic Components Europe (OCB-EU) has added... Read more

20.10.2014 - Panasonic Ind: New PAN1740 Series! Place and Play Bluetooth® Low Energy Module

PAN1740 Series

Revolutionizing Bluetooth Low Energy with a 5 mA Current Consumption in Tx or Rx! A revolution is underway in Bluetooth Low Energy to dramatically... Read more

20.10.2014 - TE Connectivity: New Product - Mini Hermaphroditic Connector

Mini Hermaphroditic Connector

TE Connectivity introduces the low profile SMT miniature hermaphroditic board–to-board connectors designed to provide power between adjacent linear... Read more

20.10.2014 - Texas Instruments: SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi and Internet-of-Things Solution

SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi Family

New SimpleLink Wi-Fi Family. This Internet-on-a-chip family allows you to easily add embedded Wi-Fi and Internet to a wide-range of applications.  Read more

10.10.2014 - Intel® Quark SoC X1000 for Industrial and IoT Applications

Intel Quark SoC X1000

The Intel® Quark SoC X1000 is the first product in a new roadmap of innovative, small core products targeted at rapidly growing areas ranging from... Read more

Events & Webinars

Cypress: PSoC 4

PSoC® 4 is Cypress's newest ARM-based PSoC, featuring the low-power Cortex-M0 core combined with PSoC's unique programmable mixed-signal hardware IP,... Read more

  • Stansted, UK 25.11.2014 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Aachen, Germany 25.11.2014 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Reading, UK 28.11.2014 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Moscow, Russia 01.12.2014 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Stuttgart, Germany 02.12.2014 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Istanbul, Turkey 03.12.2014 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Lyon, France 03.12.2014 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Paris (Les Ulis), France 04.12.2014 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Madrid, Spain 04.12.2014 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Warsaw, Poland 09.12.2014 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark 09.12.2014 (09:00 - 17:00)
  • Munich, Germany 10.12.2014 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Tel Aviv, Israel 15.12.2014 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Zürich, Switzerland 16.12.2014 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Milan, Italy 27.01.2015 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Torino, Italy 28.01.2015 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Padova, Italy 03.02.2015 (00:00 - 00:00)
  • Bologna, Italy 04.02.2015 (00:00 - 00:00)

RTOS on STM32F429 using Keil MDK-ARM

An Introduction to Keil’s MDK-ARM Development Tools and RTOS on STMicroelectronics Cortex M4 and first look of the New CortexM7 Read more

  • Coventry, United Kingdom 03.11.2014 (09:00 - 16:30)
  • Silkeborg, Denmark 24.11.2014 (09:00 - 16:30)
  • Herlev, Denmark 25.11.2014 (09:00 - 16:30)
  • Stockholm, Sweden 26.11.2014 (09:00 - 16:30)
  • Gothenburg, Sweden 27.11.2014 (09:00 - 16:30)

STMicroelectronics: STM32 in the IoT (Internet of Things) Seminar - Romania

We would like to invite you on our Internet of Things (IoT) Seminar which will be held with one of our most valuable supplier, STMicroelectronics.  Read more

  • Bucharest, Romania 04.11.2014 (08:30 - 17:15)

Silicon Labs: IoT Workshop

Hands on session will use a pre-existing application (to be developed before the seminar series starts) and will go through basic MCU configuration... Read more

  • Cambridge, United Kingdom 30.09.2014 (09:30 - 15:00)
  • Manchester, United Kingdom 18.11.2014 (09:30 - 15:00)

STMicroelectronics and TE Connectivity Workshop

In cooperation with our partner STMicroelectronic we invite you to the evening workshop with the topics STM32-Family, DAC & ADC and Motor control.  Read more

  • Hamburg, Germany 18.11.2014 (17:00 - 21:00)

Arrow News

22.10.2014 - Martin Bielesch Appointed Vice President Sales of EMEA Components for Arrow Electronics

Martin Bielesch Vice President Sales of EMEA Components

Bielesch joins Arrow from Avnet EMG, where he was most recently regional vice president of Central Europe and, previously, general manager of... Read more

17.10.2014 - Arrow Electronics’ Web-based product life cycle services platform includes enhanced components search and interactive design tools

Powered by one of the industry’s most comprehensive components database and interactive design capabilities, Arrow Electronics, Inc. is offering the... Read more

07.10.2014 - Arrow features lifecycle services platform and semi-autonomous motorcar at electronica 2014

Arrow features lifecycle services platform and semi-autonomous motorcar at electronica 2014

Arrow Electronics, Inc., is combining the impressive with the extraordinary at electronica 2014. The impressive part is Arrow’s showcasing of its... Read more

07.10.2014 - Arrow Announces Evaluation Board for Altera’s Non-volatile Max 10 FPGAs

Arrow Announces Evaluation Board for Altera’s Non-volatile Max 10 FPGAs

Coinciding with the release of the Altera MAX®10 field-programmable gate array family, Arrow Electronics, has released the BeMicro Max 10 FPGA... Read more

06.09.2014 - Arrow Releases Low-Cost, Configurable Oscilloscope System with BeScope Daughter Card and BeMicro CV Development Kit


Arrow Electronics, in conjunction with Analog Devices and Altera, unveiled a high-precision evaluation board named the BeScope Daughter Card. This... Read more

03.09.2014 - Arrow: Westermo supplier day drives supply chain co-operation

On the 25th of June Westermo Teleindustri AB, a provider of Industrial Data Communication products based in Sweden, held for the first time a... Read more

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